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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Julio 2006 II Parte

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


2172 The importance of health in development : A caribbean perspective.
2181 The 1988 earthquake in Soviet Armenia : A case study.
2182 International solidarity for Armenia quake victims.
4642 Radon : Dangers and benefits of a radiactive gas.
4648 Emergency disaster planning for principals.
8398 Prepare to care : Church response to disaster.
9813 Effective information systems for disaster mitigation.
9814 Relief Web : A global information resource for disaster management.
9815 Adapting new communications systems for disaster reduction in urban systems.
9817 Disseminating information is as important as generating it.
11151 Hurricane Mitch.
11272 Victims of natural disaster and the right to humanitarian assistance : A practitioner's view.
11273 Spotlight on violations of international humanitarian law : The role of the media.
11274 A few thoughts on the relationship between humanitarian agencies and the media.
11275 Is there a ' droit d' ingérence' in the sphere of information ? : The right to information from the standpoint of international humanitarian law.
11276 The bases of humanitarian thought in the Pulaar society of Mauritania and Senegal.
11277 Activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Cuba 1958 - 1962.
11278 Arms transfers, humanitarian assistance and international humanitarian law.
11279 An international ban on anti - personnel mines : History and negotiation of the " Ottawa treaty ".
11280 Civil defence 1977 - 1997 : From law to practice.
11336 Preparedness for epidemic cholera during the 1995 floods in Bangladesh.
11407 Final report.
11504 The A.B.C. of cyclone rehabilitation : A manual demostrating the principles of anchorage, bracing and continuity to provide structural integrity for rehabilitation of building damaged by cyclonic forces.
11563 Protection of the civilian population and the prohibition of starvation as a method of warfare : Draft texts on international humanitarian assistance.
11564 Health protection in armed conflicts.
11565 The role of the doctor in ICRC visits to prisoners.
11566 ICRC surgical activities.
11567 Strategy for medical assistance in disaster situations.
11568 Training medical personnel : HELP and SOS causes.
11569 International health assistance in relief operations : preparing local health personnel to meet the challenge.
11570 Community - based health care in disasters.
11641 Preparing the world for disaster.
11642 UNDRO : Coping with disaster ... A fine line.
11812 Manual for estimating the socio - economic effects of natural disasters.
11840 Research activity at CENAPRED on strong - motion seismology for disaster prevention (abstracs).
11943 Insurance and the mitigation of earthquake disasters.
11948 Tropical cyclones : The warning system in Australia.
12327 Seventh Coordination Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centers in Radiation Emergency Medical Preparedness and Assistance Network : REMPAN 97 : Proceedings.
12328 Henri Jammet Memorial Lecture : The role of dosimetry in radiation accident response.
12329 REMPAN at international level : Current status.
12330 Radiological accident in Salvador, Bahia : Physical and medical aspects.
12331 Radiation effects after low dose chronic long-term exposure.
12332 Deterministic effects of interventional radiology procedures.
12333 Public health response to radiation emergencies and the role of the Helsinki Project Office.
12334 Medical preparedness for radiation emergency in Japan.
12335 The Goiania accident : Environmental survey.
12336 Radiation protection : Medical aspects of the Goiania accident individual monitoring.
12337 Biological dosimetry of absorbed radiation based on the frequencies of chromosomal aberrations in human lymphocytes.
12338 Thyroid.
12339 Management of internal contamination accidents.
12340 Long-term effects of ionizing radiation : Lessons from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
12341 Chernobyl disaster : Promotion of follow-up studies.
12342 Long-terms effects of ionizing radiation.
12417 Pronóstico definitivo de vulnerabilidad 1999 - 2000.
12551 Mantenimiento preventivo para construcciones escolares : Manual.
12656 Belize: Assessment of the damage caused by hurricane Keith, 2000 : Implications for economic, social and environmental development.
13053 Join report on 1995 Kobe earthquake.
13054 KOBEnet : A voluntary information network for earthquake disaster mitigation.
13055 Attenuation characteristics of seismic ground motion in the 1995 Hyogoken-Nambu earthquake.
13056 Back analyses of soil retaining walls for railway embankments damaged by the 1995 Hyogoken-nambu earthquake.
13057 Liquefaction, ground deformation and their related damage to structures.
13058 Granular soil deformations built up during an intense earthquake.
13059 Simulation of collapse process of elevated expressway bridges due to the 1995 Kobe eathquake.
13060 Earthquake response analysis of the Higashi-Kobe bridge.
13061 Codes we don't want to crack-How seismic design and building codes have helped reduce the damage caused by earthquakes.
13062 Seismic capacity of reinforced concrete buildings damaged by 1995 Hyogoken-nambu earthquake.
13063 The effect of vertical excitation on structural response seismic characteristics.
13064 Demonstration of effectiveness of seismic isolation in the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and progress of applications of base-isolated buildings.
13065 Quick inspections of damaged buildings due to 1995 Hyogoken-nambu eathquake.
13066 Needs to evaluate real seismic perfomance of buildings-lessons from the 1995 Hyogoken-nambu eathquake-.
13067 Recent seismic retrofit techniques of existing RC building in Japan.
13068 The Kobe earthquake and its implication in eathquake insurance in Japan.
13069 Potential seismic risk assessment of urban cities based on macro-zonation concept.
13135 Lessons learned from UNHCR's involvement in the Guatemala refugee repatriation and reintegration programme (1987-1999).
13136 Women and war.
13188 Banning anti-personnel mines : The Ottawa treaty explained.
13197 Women's role in the Red Cross / Red Crescent.
13442 The fight against antipersonnel mines.
13450 The U.S. Government Foreign Disaster Assistance Program.
13770 Manual de planjemiento em defesa civil : Planemento operacional.
13771 Manual de planejamiento em defesa civil : Preparaçao para emergencia e desastres.
13779 Reduçao das vulnerabilidades aos desastres e acidentes na infancia.
13780 Apostila sobre implantaçao e operacionalizaçao de COMDEC.
13818 An information infraestructure for disaster management in Pacific Island Countries.
14019 Guide d'assainissement en cas de catastrophe naturelle.
14224 Training for disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean.
14225 Disaster reduction : For safer communities in Asia.
14227 Disaster reduction training activities of the World Meteorological Organization.
14228 From cultural heritage protection to the culture of protection.
14229 Educating classes about self-protection : An evacuation plan.
14471 Y aura-t-il assez d'eau sur la terre?.
14929 Annual report FY 1999.
14930 Annual report FY 2002.
15756 Area on emergency preparedness and disaster relief : Annual report 2004.
15861 An intra-americas sea tsunami warning system project proposal.
16449 Disasters and the disabled.

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