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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Enero 2005 II Parte

CRID-Documentos Digitalizados

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


605 Screening for the psychological consequences of a major disaster in a developing country :Armero, Colombia.
876 Disaster severity and emotional disturbance : Implications for primary mental health care in developing countries.
968 Planning for health/mental health integration in emergencies.
1151 An overview of disaster management.
2436 Psychiatric disorders among poor victims following a major disaster : Armero, Colombia.
2762 From dead body to person : The handling of fatal mass casualties in disasters.
3781 Disaster epidemiology.
3843 Disaster economics : Trainer's guide.
4134 Emergency medical services book reviews : Advanced life support category.
4245 Some publicly available sources of computerized information on environmental health and toxicology.
4298 Legal aspects.
4600 The Armero and Ecuador projects : Publications, scientific presentations, consultations, grants and awards 1985-1990.
4601 Primary mental health care for disaster victims in developing countries.
4603 Extending mental health care to disaster victims.
4605 Conducting research on disaster mental health in developing countries : A proposed model.
4606 The stability of emotional symptoms among disaster victims in a developing countries.
4607 Differential and long-term effects of disasters : The need for planning and preparation.
4608 Disasters and mental health : Experience in Colombia and Ecuador and its relevance for primary care in mental health in Latin America.
4609 Psychiatric disorders in primary health care clinics one year after a mayor Latin American disaster.
4614 Primary mental health care for disaster victims.
5603 Medicine in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR): Research, preparedness and response for sudden impact disasters in the 1990s : Proceedings.
5604 Research, preparedness and response for sudden impact disaster in the 1990s.
5605 Assessing community vulnerability.
5607 Earthquakes : Casualty studies.
5608 Death tolls in earthquakes.
5609 The medical response to disaster overseas.
5610 Assessment of health needs.
5611 National level response.
5612 The overseas development administration's disaster relief initiative.
5613 On - site medical teams : UK experience.
5614 Integration of medical disaster response worldwide.
5615 New initiatives in the IDNDR.
5963 Mitigation of losses due to earthquakes with particular reference to the cost impact of introducing CUBiC - based building codes in the Eastern Caribbean.
5965 Consultation on the role of nursing staff in mass casualty management.
5966 Patterns in natural resource destruction and conservation in central America : A Case for optimism?
5967 Major themes in disaster preparedness and response research.
6764 An overview of disaster management.
6768 Vulnerability and risk assessment : Trainer's guide.
7233 CODAR : Codificaçåo de desastres, ameaças ou riscos : (Versao preliminar).
7393 Emergency department response to hazardous materials incidents.
7405 An interdisciplinary quick assessment strategy to support decision making in disaster operations : The Costa Rica earthquake, April 22, 1991.
7406 The train of thoughts and methods or prediction to the time. Place and magnitude of strong earthquake (the examples of two accurate predictions).
7535 Relief coordination branch natural disasters involvement in 1994 : Summary tables.
7537 A model for the development of a disaster reduction program for livestock in Central America.
7539 Report on the January 17, 1994 Northrigde earthquake seismological and engineering aspects.
7540 Application of FEM (finite element method) to RC (reinforced concrete structures).
7541 Japanese press desing guidelines for reinforced concrete buildings.
7600 Evaluation : Costa Rican emergency medical services manpower development.
7601 Chlorine life - cycle accident prevention : Workshop report.
7602 A generic framework for life - cycle management of hazardous substances.
7603 Characteristics of chlorine and an application to life - cycle management.
7604 Key elements related to chlorine life - cycle prevention.
7626 Emergency planning : A guide to emergency planning for community officials.
7627 Departmental planning responsibilities for emergency preparedness.
7638 Risk factors for casualty in earthquakes : The application of epidemiologic principles to structural engineering.
7669 Chemical emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean : Policy and operations guideline regarding response mechanism.
7682 Injury and psychological distress following the whittier narrows and Loma Prieta earthquakes.
7683 A computer simulation of a California casualty collection point used to respond to a major earthquake.
7688 Region IV : Emergency medical services guidelines for multiple casualty incidents.
7691 Social psychological aspects of evacuating or sheltering health care facilities in the event of a nuclear power plant accident.
7694 Guide for the development of state and local emergency operations plans.
7696 Guide for the evaluation of alert and notification systems for nuclear power plants.
9588 Emergency planning guide for power, temperature and compressed air rental.
10049 The environmental impact of Sudden population displacements : Priority policy issues and humanitarian aid.
10096 Field operations guide for disaster assessment and response.
10098 Population and housing in the special studies zones.
10100 Regional consultation meeting on disaster preparedness in South East Asia and Bangladesh : Final report.
10149 Specialist accident and emergency support to health services on Monserrat.
10194 CP Rail General operating instructions.
10201 Glossary of terms.
12153 El Niño Centre, Ecuador : Feasibility study.
12880 Conference Proceedings : Reaching women and children in disaster.
12962 Health guidelines for vegetation fire events : Guideline document : Executive Summary.
13246 Community : The concept of community in the risk and emergency management context.
13488 Preparedness for chemical disasters situation in Latin America.
13947 Hazard and risk management : Guidelines for local authorities.
14110 Integration of disaster management with development planning.
14143 J N France Hospital : Final report on the repair and strengthening project following the damage caused by Hurricane Georges, September 1998.
15374 Working with women at risk.
15453 Assessment of learner satisfaction with asynchronous electronic learning systems.
15454 The design of an e-learning system : Beyond the type.
15455 A practial framework for evaluationg online distance education programs.
15456 Integrating e-learning in to workplace.
15457 Evaluation of distance learning delivery of health information management and health informatics programmes : A UK perspective.
15475 Elements of effective bioterrorism preparedness : A planning primer for local public health agencies.



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