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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Julio - Agosto 2005 III Parte

CRID-Documentos Digitalizados

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


3851 Seismology and earthquake engineering in Central and South America.
3911 Predicting earthquakes : A Scientific and Technical Evaluation, with Implications for Society.
3912 The socio-economic consequences of earthquake prediction : Concepts and empirical findings.
3913 Public response to prediction awareness.
3914 Development and social effects of the Guatemalan Earthquake.
3916 Rationale, design and methodology for a longitudinal and cross cultural study of the post impact phases of a major national disaster.
3918 Marketing earthquake preparedness : Community campaings that get results.
3919 People and fire at the Wildland/Urban interface : A sourcebook.
3927 The INTERTECT disaster management : Training package (number 1).
3932 Seismic hazards and land - use planning.
3933 Assessment of respiratory hazards associated with air pollutants from volcanic eruptions, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, Hawaii.
3939 Report.
3943 Evaluation report of relief operations following the 4 February 1976 earthquake in Guatemala.
3944 Problems and prospects of collaborative cross cultural disaster research.
3945 A model for studying community preparedness for acute chemical disasters.
3949 Activities of pharmacy team in Guatemalan earthquake relief : 10-25 February 1976.
3950 Disaster operations : A handbook for local governments.
3960 San Pedro Sacatepequez : The impact of medium housing assistance Emergency.
3962 Medical requirements for ambulance design and equipment.
3963 Delivery of emergency medical services in disasters.
3965 Three Mile Island : Assessment of radiation exposures and environmental contamination.
3969 Simclone cyclone disaster simulator game.
3970 A pictorial report of UNICEF'S special assistance to Guatemala for the rehabilitation of social services destroyed by the earthquake of February 4th 1976.
3972 Face to face with a flood : A citizen's guide for protection of life and property.
3975 Interim report on the Guatemalan earthquake of 4 February 1976 and the activities of the U.S Geological survey earthquake investigation team.
3981 General review : PL480 food assistance in Guatemala.
4026 Guidelines for district emergency organizations.
4034 Observations on the Guatemalan earthquake relief effort : Report to the Congress.
4036 An epidemiologist's view of earthquakes.
4045 Mass media operations in quick - onset natural disaster : Hurricane David in Dominica.
4046 Assessing long - term impacts of a natural disaster : A focus on the elderly.
4047 Mental health aspects of disasters.
4057 Epidemiological assessment of earthquake relief. Guatemala, 4 February 10 March 1976.
4060 Progress report.
4062 Report.
4065 Recommended building standards for Joyabaj.
4067 Packaged disaster hospital. Series 1000 mod "a" : Component listing and storage data.
4071 The Miramichi earthquake : The media respond to an invisible emergency.
4073 CIDA in disasters : A summary of the agency's policies, procedures and perceptions.
4074 The Royal Bahamas Police Force major disaster manual.
4129 Emergency care in natural disasters : Report.
4145 A review of the current function of the casualty Department Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
4148 An overview of the derailment of train 54, and the evacuation of 216.000 residents of the city of Mississauga, November 10th, 1979.
4163 Coping with industrial crisis emergencies in developing countries.
4167 Disaster preparedness in Antigua and Dominica : A survey of public awareness and practices.
4168 Country report on status of disaster preparedness / prevention.
4191 Hurricane Iniki Hawaii.
4195 Caribbean cyclones : A history of violence.
4220 Final report.
4226 Plans of international scientific unions in relation to natural disaster reduction.
4227 Disasters and economic development in Africa : Issues, challenges and measures in the 1990s and beyond.
4228 The worldwide increasing impact of natural catastrophes on the insurance industry.
4229 Disaster preparedness an effective form of international assistance for Pacific island countries.
4230 Insurance aspects of natural disasters.
4231 Oceanic anomalies and rainfall variability.
4232 Overcoming the enigma of drought : Policy issues for the 1990s.
4233 First Interstate Bank of California : Emergency preparedness program.
4234 Insurance and natural disasters : An examination of the New Zealand earthquake and war damage commission.
4235 Disaster recovery from Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina.
4249 WHO emergency health kit : Standard drugs and clinic equipment for 10 000 persons for 3 months.
4251 A design for community emergency management : The Tennessee experience.
4262 When disaster strikes and help is needed : Handbook.
4269 Private sector involvement in disaster reconstruction.
4280 The crash of United flight 232 : Rescue, recovery, and identification of the victims.
4299 OFDA annual report : FY 1991.
4317 The socio - political consequences of floods in Bangladesh : The flood of 1988 in perspective.
4318 International collaboration for local earthquake response and recovery planning.
4319 Summary address at seminar on the social, cultural and economic impact of disaster emergency aid in developing countries.
4320 Report of proceedings.
4323 Annual report 1989 : International Committee of the Red Cross.
4324 Final report.
4359 Should earthquake mitigation measures be voluntary or required?.
4370 Social aspects of the Costa Rica earthquake of April 22, 1991.
4398 The effects of famine on the function of the family and of society early indicators and late consequences.
4399 Farmers' perception of an adjustment to drought in Sri Lanka.
4401 First-world / third-world : Disaster in context a study of the Saragosa and Wichita Falls, Texas, tornados.
4402 In the shadow of el Chichón : An overview of the medical impact of the March 28 to April 4, 1982 eruptions of the Mexican volcano.
4443 Risk and economic retardation - the long - run impact of natural disaster on the Greater Caribbean basin.
4444 The cross - cultural measurement of disaster impact and recovery with respect to household living conditions.
4463 Dynamic tests on flanged masonry structural walls.
4464 Pseudo - static load tests on flanged masonry structural walls.
4465 Behavior of perforated wall specimens as a function of design philosophy.
4469 State of the art earthquake resistant design for steel structures.
8045 Financial incentives for seismic rehabilitation of hazardous building : An agenda for action : Findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
8046 Financial incentives for seismic rehabilitation of hazardous building : An agenda for action : State and local case studies and recommendations.
8048 Seismic rehabilitation of federal buildings : A benefit - cost model : A user's manual.
8049 Seismic rehabilitation of federal buildings : A benefit - cost model : Supporting documentation.
8120 Towards a new investment concept in the health sector.
8121 Framework for the implementation of PIAS.
8122 Progress achieved in the implementation of the regional plan for investment in the environment and health.
8587 Vulnerability study : "Seismic risk and reinforcement of Hospitals in Costa Rica".
10205 Transportation of dangerous goods : Emergency response course.
12229 The role of international financing institutions in disaster risk management in urban areas : A perspective from the inter-american development bank.
15710 Economic and financial recovery from disaster.



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