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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Abril 2006 II Parte

CRID-Documentos Digitalizados

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


154 Challenges of the IDNDR : International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction.
1224 Course on dosimetric assessment of internal contamination.
3074 Bhopal, two years later.
3083 Casualties from terrorist bombings.
4337 The Avianca plane crash : An emergency medical system's response to pediatric survivors of the disaster.
5257 Coping with natural disasters : The role of local health personnel and the community.
5662 Decreto no. 895, de 16 de agosto de 1993 : "Dispoe sobre a organizaçao do Sistema Nacional de Defesa Civil - SINDEC".
5684 Final Report of the Seminar in Technology for Disaster Prevention.
5685 Flood disasters in China.
5686 Geological risk counter-measures in Colombia.
5687 Mitigation volcanic disasters.
5688 The landslide hazard in India.
5689 Disaster planning management in the civil defense third region.
5690 The 1974 landslide in central part of Perú.
5691 The 1988 landslide in southern of Thailand.
5692 Natural disasters in Thailand.
5693 General characteristics of risks and natural disasters in Venezuela.
5702 Mexico earthquake : Final report.
5922 Space technology for disaster monitoring and mitigation in India.
6116 A proposal to launch a seasonal - to - interannual climate prediction program.
6140 Manual on the rights and duties of medical personnel in armed conflicts.
6250 Aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake : How radio responded to the disaster.
6358 Social judgment theory : Applications in policy formation.
6410 Toward and analysis of postdisaster cooperation.
6549 Risk factors for injuries due to the 1990 : Earthquake in Luzon, Philippines.
6553 The role of medical schools in disaster preparedness.
6812 Elements of hurricane resistant construction.
6901 A midsummer night's disaster : Report of a quick response investigation on the Southwest - off- Hokkaido earthquake on 12 july 1993.
6941 Structural control of flank volcanism in continental rifts.
6946 Planning and organization of emergency medical services : Report on a WHO group.
6976 The crash of bus 405.
6977 Contingency planning for an airport crash.
7056 Sistema médico de prevencao e atendimento a calamidades publicas e aos acidentes de grandes proporcoes : Manual.
7129 Coping with major emergencies : WHO strategy and approaches to humanitarian action.
7234 Disaster preparedness : Review and planning meeting.
7569 The III-fated passenger steamer Sultana : An inland maritime mass disaster of unparalleled magnitude.
7586 Disaster operations : Not business as usual.
7674 The invisible killer : Rescue from a confined space.
7687 Millions affected by devastating floods in China.
7693 Criteria for preparation and evaluation of radiological emergency response plans and preparedness in support of nuclear power plants : Criteria for utility offsite planning and preparedness : final report.
7783 The San Salvador earthquake of 10th october 1986.
8030 Environmental impact of sudden population displacements : Expert consultation on priority policy issues and humanitarian aid.
8077 Low - level radioactive wastes.
8078 The controversy over radiation safety : A historical overview.
8082 Chemical and biological warfare : Should defenses be researched and deployed?.
8355 Acute effects of volcanic ash from Mount Saint Helens on lung function in children.
8358 Participating in disaster relief - what psychiatrists need to know when catastrophe strikes.
8403 Disasters and vulnerability in South Asia.
8413 Medical care for earthquake victims.
8417 Disaster vulnerability, organization and activities of the German IDNDR - Committee.
8422 American bhopals : The threat of catastrophic refinery accidents and sabotage to hydrofluoric acid alklation units.
8427 Derived intervention levels for radionuclides in food : Guidelines for application after widespread radioactive contamination resulting from a major radiation accident.
8493 Emergency preparedness and response : Introduction to rapid health assessment.
8494 Who's humanitarian assistance programme : Zagreb.
8496 Earthquake magnitude and intensity.
8497 Restructuring of emergency and humanitarian action activities in WHO.
8498 The role of WHO country, regional and headquarters offices in emergency preparedness and humanitarian action.
8499 WHO programme of humanitarian assistance to war affected population of the former Yugoslavia : Report of an external evaluation.
8514 Interpretation of published data of the 1976 Tangshan, China a earthquake for the determination of a fatality rate function.
8558 A new digital accelerograph network for El Salvador.
8603 Tracing the footprints of OFDA's disaster training program : Evaluation of training impacts in the response to the Cauca / Huila, Colombia earthquake disaster of June 6, 1994.
8675 Medidas de autoproteccao face a acidentes químicos.
8689 Guidelines for rapid assessment : Refugee and displaced populations.
8691 Self organization in disaster response : The Great Hanshin, Japan earthquake of January 17, 1995.
8692 Hyogo Nambu earthquake - damage to waterworks and its restotarion.
8693 Damage to solid waste management systems and their reconstruction in the earthquake - stricken area.
8694 Assessment of damage and immediate relief requirements following floods : Preliminary findings of United Nations assessment mission.
8695 Health, heat, and water hazards associated with illegal drug manufacturing : ( amphetamine, methaqualone, phencyclidine, and methamphetamine ).
8696 Oxfam's sanitation unit : The design and testing of a sanitation and sewage treatment unit dor disasters and long term use.
8701 Developing emergency preparedness in Central America.
8702 Sustainability of a water, sanitation and hygiene education project in rural Bangladesh : A 5 - year follow - up.
8859 The case of Brazil.
8863 Report on the socio - economic impact of the Erzincan, Turkey earthquake of March 13, 1992.
8865 Commentary K application of NBC part 4 for the structural evaluation and upgrading of existing buildings.
8866 Misuse in emergency aid : NGO's and corruption in relief work.
8877 Landslides in the squatter settements of Caracas: Towards a better understanding of causative factors.
8881 Perspective for natural disaster reduction in India.
8882 Preparedness status in disaster management study in West Bengal.
8883 Preparing for natural disasters : A survival plan for persons with diabetes.
8915 Relocated seismicity of the Caribbean Region, 1913 - 1962.
8922 Safe hospitals for safer cities.
9091 Directrices para la prevención de desastres : Planificación física de los asentamientos humanos previa a los desastres.
9411 Occupational toxic inhalations.
9465 Planning and operating emergency reception facilities.
9477 Hazard abatement project for disaster preparedness in a Caribbean island state.
9479 Gendered perspective : The voices of women.
9591 Environment and sustainable development : International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction.
9592 Report of the Scientific and Technical Committee on its Ninth Session.
9597 Health and the environment.
9603 Guidelines for the preparation of the vulnerability analysis of the drinking water supply and sewerage system.
9604 Humanitarian Supply Management Project SUMA : Report of the second meeting of the steering committee.
9605 Recent disasters in California.
9659 Report on the first World Health Organization consultative meeting on health as a bridge for peace.
9661 Inappropriate drug - donation practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992 to 1996.
9662 Drug donation practices in Bosnia i Herzegovina : 1996 - 1997.
9664 Emergency preparedness vulnerability assessment.
9665 Saneamiento básico em época de emergencia e calamidade pública.
9667 The need for a global health disaster network.
9669 Global health network overview.
9732 Medical first aid guide for use in accidents involving dangerous goods (MFAG): Chemicals supplement to the international medical guide for ships (IMGS).
9765 Hazchem symposium 1986 : An international symposium on the safe manufacture, storage and transport of hazardous substances.
9791 Proceedings : International conference on reporting releases of toxic chemicals.
9792 An overview of the United States' toxics releases reporting program.
9793 An introduction to the data.
9794 Canada's green plan and the national pollutant release inventory.
9795 A public interest group perspective.
9796 An industry perspective on reporting releases of toxic chemicals.
9797 Air quality and the TRI.
9798 Public interest group iniatiatives at the local level.
9805 Disaster information kit for the media.
9880 Spill containment and clean-up course.
9981 Programme for the further implementation of Agenda 21.
9987 Workshop on Vulnerability of Non-structural components of hospitals and health centers.
10027 Final report of the hazard and risk assessment project (HRAP): " Hazards of the British Virgin Islands ".
10106 Assessment on the economic impact on natural and man - made disasters : Expert consultation on methodologies.
10162 Building for health care : A guide for planners and architects of first and second level facilities.
12602 Forecasting natural disasters to mitigate their effects.
12869 RADIUS : Risk assessment tools for diagnosis of urban areas against seismic disasters.
12870 Chapter 1 : Outline of the RADIUS initative.
12871 Chapter 2 : Case studies in Latin America (Antofagasta, Guayaquil, Tijuana).
12872 Chapter 3 : Case studies in Asia (Bandung, Tashkent, Zigong).
12873 Chapter 4 : Case studies in Africa, the middle east, and eastern Europe.
12874 Chapter 5 : Guidelines for RADIUS - Type risk management projects.
12875 Chapter 7 : Understanding urban seismic risk around the world : A comparative study of the RADIUS initative.
13007 Vulnerability and capacity assessment : An international federation guide.
14037 Dissemination of adobe technology in a housing reconstruction program.

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