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Documentos Digitalizados CRID Febrero 2006 I Parte

Documentos Digitalizados

La información publicada en ésta sección es de distribución general del CRID. Se pueden utilizar extractos de ésta para revisar, reproducir o traducir con fines investigativos o de estudio privado pero no para su venta o uso con fines comerciales.


53 Our planet : Our health.
1140 The International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction : A programe for the World Health Organization.
4300 Disaster relief case report : Guatemala - earthquake February 1976.
4336 Hurricane Andrew : South Florida hospitals shared resources and energy to cope with the storm's devastation.
4632 Training as a basic factor for disaster preparedness and managament.
4634 The public health service's response to hurricane Andrew.
4635 Environmental disasters and veterinarian's response.
4636 Burns mass disasters : Aetiology, predisposing situations and initial management.
4637 Anatomy of a burns disaster : The Miri Bank explosion.
4653 Prehospital and intrahospital specialized management of severe multiple trauma cases.
5152 National report of Sudan prepared for the IDNDR Mid - term review and the 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction.
5259 Use of search and rescue dogs.
5261 L.A. County reports on quake repairs.
5262 Business aspects of disaster planning and recovery.
5263 Analysis of medical needs during disasters caused by tropical cyclones : Anticipated injury patterns.
5264 Lessons learned from hurricane Andrew.
5453 Public health aspects of disaster management.
5531 Media disaster relief and images of the developing world : Strategies for rapid occurate, and effective coverage of complex stories from around the globe.
5533 A brief history of geographical information systems and their application to the work of WHO.
5539 Post - disaster epidemiological surveillance following Hurricane Hugo in Monserrat.
5589 Plan for emergencies.
5590 Emergency medical teams need organization and administration.
5682 Glossário de termos en análise de risco.
5699 Converting disaster scholarship into effective disaster planning and managing : Possibilities and limitations.
5701 Structural system of buildings in Turkey and empirical evaluation of their aseismic strenght.
5703 Post - traumatic stress disorder in adolescents after a hurricane.
5704 Refugees and displaced persons : War, hunger and public health.
5708 AVMA emergency preparedness planning.
5709 Potential roles of veterinary schools in emergency and disaster management.
5712 Issues of rescue and medical care following the 1988 Armenian earthquake.
6109 Blue hulls : Multinational naval cooperation and the United Nations.
6111 Effective humanitarian aid our only hope for intervention in civil war.
6132 Attitude médicale lors d'accident chimique collectif.
6215 The relationships of disaster - related emergent citizen groups to other organizations.
6216 International Toxicovigilance Conference.
6217 Environmental health surveillance project (WALES).
6218 The ICI fire, auckland, New Zealand.
6219 Selected U.S. experiences with chemical emergencies.
6220 ANAVERSA : Fire and explosions at a pesticides formulating plant in Mexico.
6221 Report on a chemical incident involving a fire at a chemicals factory, Telford, the West Midlands, England november 1992.
6222 The Seveso accident and follow up of the exposed population.
6223 The radioactive accident of Goiania : September 1987.
6224 Observations related to health effects of Bhopal toxic gas leak.
6225 The Braer oil spill incident - Shetland : January 1993.
6226 Report on a chemical incident involving water contamination in the Lowermoor area of South West Cornwall, England, in july 1988.
6227 Redtide in the Philippines.
6228 Outbreaks of chemical food poisoning due to a flour-improver in Uruguay.
6229 Toxic oil syndrome : Lessons from a massive food intoxication in Spain.
6256 Recommendation approved at the Workshop on Disaster Management Lessons Learnt from recent earthquake in Maharashtra.
6411 The politics of agenda - building : An alternative perspective for modern democratic theory.
6805 Guidelines on security incidents (sample indicators and scenarios).
6863 Requirements for humanitarian assistance and peace operations : Insights from seven case studies.
6864 Planning issues for humanitarian assistance operations.
6865 Improving marine coordination with relief organizations in humanitarian operations.
6866 Command relationships in humanitarian assistance operations.
6867 Civil affairs and psychological operations : Role in humanitarian assistance and peace operations (HA/POs).
6908 Hedip : Health and development for displaced populations : Refugee, returnee, displaced and host populations.
6939 Drinking-water improvement in the Americas with mixed oxidant gases generated on-site for disinfection (MOGGOD).
6942 The psychopathology of the hostage experience : A review.
6945 Access to food assistance : Strategies for improvement.
6978 Mass media estimates of a disaster's severity : The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
6979 Disaster and social structure.
6990 Disaster : Threat to social development.
7009 Where might the international decade for natural disaster reduction concentrate its activities? : A comparative analysis of disaster data sets.
7013 Reducing vulnerability to drought and famine : Developmental approaches to relief.
7050 Disaster reanimatology potentials : A structural interview study in Armenia.
7051 Disaster reanimatology potentials : A structural interview study in Armenia : I. Methodology and preliminary results.
7052 Consequences of the nuclear power plant accident at Chernobyl.
7340 Prevention preparedness and response to major industrial accidents involving hazardous substances : Proceedings.
7341 The center for chemical precess safety : Current developments and future plans.
7342 Disasters, the media and you.
7343 Risk communications : Observations of Canadian practice.
7344 Hazardous event management.
7345 Environmental disaster strike team.
7346 Canada's oil spill response regime : Implementation.
7347 Directions in chemical marine emergency response - an industry perspective.
7348 A Canadian marine chemical emergency response capability the regulator perspective.
7349 MIACC risk assessment methodology for municipalities and industries.
7350 Risk - based pre - release mitigation.
7351 Hazop and operability study - 30 years on.
7352 Integrating private and public resources for effective risk - based emergency response.
7353 The development, use and release of QRA methodologies for the assessment of major chemical hazards in the UK.
7354 Quantity - distance and explosives.
7355 Tools for making acute risk decisions.
7356 UK Gas and pipelines safety new arrangements for competition in the domestic market.
7357 CCPS : Guidelines for integrating process safety management and environment, safety, and health within a total quality management framework.
7358 Process safety : An integrated system for hazard and environmental control during design and operations.
7359 CCPS initiative to assist small and medium enterprises in improving safety performance.
7360 The advantages of using computer software for process hazard analysis (PHA).
7361 Control of fire related hazards for hot mill operations.
7362 Environment Canada's pollution emergency R and D program.
7363 Practical amplication of safety and health principles at chemical removal sites with residential exposures.
7364 Emergency response and planning in multi - tiered municipal jurisdictions.
7365 Maintaining emergency response plan effectiveness.
7366 HazMat training in alberta : An on - going process.
7367 The establishment of a Canadian network emergency response contractors.
7368 Operation respond.
7369 A risk based approach to chemical emergency response in the pharmaceutical industry.
7370 Use of fail - safe elastomer liners in liquid hauling vehicles.
7371 The national fire code of Canada and the storage of dangerous goods.
7372 Trends in environmental, health, and safety management.
7373 Evolution of the audit process from simple checklists to emerging global standards.
7374 Chemical safety audit commonalities for chemical manufacturers in the midwest.
7375 Hazardous materials U.S. federal statutes and programs : A regulatory approach for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.
7376 The general agreement on trades and tariffs 1994 and the north American free trade agreement : Initiatives to eliminate technical barriers to trade.
7377 Hazardous substance management for mega - scale construction projects.
7378 Environmental damages study : An investigation into the environmental costs associated with dangerous goods accidents.
7379 Due diligence and the environment keeping out of trouble.
7380 Social vs contractual obligations in preparedness and emergency response.
7381 Communications in the year 2000 : Talk or sit tight.
7382 MIACC'S life - cycle framework and its application to the management specific hazardous substances.
7383 Responsible care compliance verification : How safe is your operation.
7384 Critical incident stress management : A strategy for personnel recovery.
7385 A public health case study : Carbon monoxide severe intoxication in a residential home following trench blasting.
7386 Managing the medical response to a major industrial accident involving uncontrolled chemical exposure.
7387 Earning your CRSP designation.
7388 The BLEVE : An update and reexamination of response strategies.
7389 Risk and economy.
7390 Management of environmental impact of fire.
7391 The effect of prehospital transport time on the mortality from traumatic injury.
7431 The needs of women in disasters and emergencies.
7581 Disaster planning and response.
7719 Vulnerability of roads and water systems to hydro - geological hazards in Jamaica.
7862 Floods in Buenos Aires : Their treatment at the city council.
8079 Tear gas - harassing agent or toxic chemical weapon?.
8080 Disposing of the US chemical weapons stockpile.

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