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483 Natural disaster and international cooperation : The abstract of white paper on disaster countermeasures in 1988 -toward the IDNDR-.
7137 World disasters report 1995.
7231 Disaster and intervention in Sub - Saharan Africa : Learning from Rwanda.
8192 Treating exposure to chemical warface agents : Implications for health care providers and community emergency planning.
9123 MSF-CIS (celula inter-seccoes), Mozambique : A data collecting system focused on food security and population movements.
9598 From the ground up : Sustainable development in the face of disaster.
10160 Assessing the health consequences of major chemical incidents - epidemiological approaches.
10366 Rwandese women during the emergency.
10367 Disaster management, women : An assest or a liability?.
10368 Refugee women : Their strength in exile.
10369 Community life and disaster reduction.
10370 Ciclones : The day after.
10371 Drought on India's west coast.
10478 Order in chaos : modelling medical disaster management.
10782 Nania " All together " : Comprehensive watershed management.
10866 Quand prévention rime avec menace : Les cas du Volcan Galeras.
10924 Prèvention et attènuation des catastrophes : Le point des connaissances actuelles : Aspects sociaux et sociologiques.
10990 Operations manual for Afghan refugee health programme in Pakistan.
11015 Ten years after Chernobyl : What do we really know ?.
11019 The Federal Emergency Management Agency's supporting role in implementing the defense department's key asset protection program.
11020 The DoD key asset protection program (KAPP).
11021 Asset protection : A mission for the national guard.
11022 The defense investigative service and its role in the Key Asset Protection Program.
11023 Risk sharing for energy emergency preparedness.
11024 A survery of emergency managers on the seismic mitigation measures : Proposed in H.R. 2806, H.R. 4792 and S.2533.
11141 Environmental health impact assessment of urban development projects : Guidelines and recommendations.
11174 Consultative meeting on management and support of relief workers.
11196 The impact of natural disasters : A brief analysis of characteristics and trends.
11886 Rôle et limites de l' epidemiologie dans la gestion des catastrophes.
11887 Le rôle de l' OMS dans la gestion des catastrophes : Secours, réhabilitation et reconstruction par le.
11889 Prehospital and disaster medicine : Terminologie des catastrophes.
11890 Le rôle de l' Organisation Mondiale de la Santé dans l' epidemiologie des catastrophes : Opérations, recherche et formation.
11891 Le rôle de l' OMS dans la gestion des situations de catastrophe : Prévention, préparation, formation par le.
12004 Geology and medium - term temporal magmatic variation found at the summit region of Poás volcano.
12073 Earthquake disaster countermeasures in Japan.
12101 The pediatrician's role in disaster preparedness.
12999 The invisible face of disaster.
13000 When does help actually hinder?.
13001 Disaster in Hollywood.
13002 Taking action before disaster strickes.
13099 The 1982 urban landslide disaster at Ancona, Italy.
13576 Women in the front line.
13577 Public sector risk management in Mexico for natural disaster losses.
13768 Disaster mitigation in a social vacuum the Alto Mayo earthquare, Peru, May 1990.
13781 Introduçao ao estudo de epidemiologia na área de desastres.
13820 ICRC special report mine action 2000.
13881 Preventing war and disater : A growing global challenge : 1999 annual report on the work of the organization.
13906 Case Report : Hurricanes David and Frederic August/Sept. 1979 : Dominican Republic.
14081 Tiempo.
14380 The management of nutritional emergencies in large populations.
14916 World Disaster Report 2002 : Focus on reducing risk.
15015 Queimada controlada.
15649 Managing natural hazard risk issues and challenge.
15702 Grenada : Macro-socio-economic assessment of the damages caused by hurricane Ivan.
15785 Health guidelines for vegetation fire events : Guideline document : Blackground paper.
16329 Disaster mitigation for health facilities : Guidelines for vulnerability appraisal and reduction in the Caribbean.
16333 Global symposium for hazard risk reduction : Lessons learned from the applied research grants for disaster risk reduction program.
16334 Expert system for post-earthquake building damage evaluation and massive risk occupancy decision-making : Colombia.
16335 The main principles of earthquake early warning system creation around critical facilities in seismic active zone : Armenia.
16336 Seismic conservation of historical and cultural treasures of a world city: sizing the need and formulating an action plan for the museums of Istambul, Turkey : Turkey.
16337 Earth observation and GIS-based flood monitoring in the Senegal River Estuary and Valley : Senegal.
16338 Coastal erosion vulnerability mapping along the southern coast of La Union, Philippines : Philippines.
16339 Mapping and assessing risk and vulnerability of water-induced disasters in the Tinau Watershed, Western Nepal : Nepal.
16340 Indicators for disaster preparedness : India.
16341 Strengthening regional capacity for disaster management : Zimbawe.
16342 Multidimensional SNMR modelling for groundwater exploration : Indonesia.
16343 Action advocacy to ensure right to livelihood risk reduction and beyond : India.
16344 Strengthening rural community bonds as a means of reducing vulnerability to landslides : Kenya.
16345 GIS and remote sensing for flood disaster identification : A case study of the Koshi River basin in Nepal : Nepal.
16346 Local and popular folklore and culture on hazard and vulnerability meets geographical information system for the risk reduction preparedness of the people of the Barrio San Antonio of Naiguatá, Estado Vargas : Venezuela.
16347 Communication strategies for industrial disaster risk reduction : India.
16348 Risk reduction though first aid capacity building of youth emergency teams : Bulgaria.
16396 Natural disasters data book - 2003 : An analytical overview.
16397 Disaster reduction and human security : Education for sustainable development : Case studies and best practices.
16398 2003 anual report.
16401 Forest policies national plan for forestry development : Integration and active participation of forest sector in sustainable human development.
16430 Planning for structural upgrading.
16435 Emergency, preparedness and response manual : Philippines.
16438 Crisis, opportunity and change building tomorrow's UNDP.
16441 Management of the dead following the South Asian tsunami disaster : Case studies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.