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828 Lessons learned from the Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of October 17, 1989.
1046 Leptospirose : Informe técnico.
1234 Awareness and preparedness for emergencies at local level : A process for handling technological accidents (APELL).
1267 Chemicals in transit : Be prepared.
1323 Workshop on Modelling Earthquake Casualties for Planning and Response.
1324 Comments on the history of earthquake casualty estimation.
1325 Casualty estimation and the state medical/health response to disasters.
1326 Epidemiologic studies from the 1988 Armenia earthquake : Implication for casualty modelling.
1327 Developing multivariate models for earthquake casualty estimation.
1328 Integrating earthquake casualty and loss estimation.
1329 Salt Lake City schools estimates of death and injury during seismic ground shaking.
1330 A structural view of casualty estimation.
1331 Modeling earthquake casualties for planning and response model definition and user output requirements.
1341 Desenvolvimiento do papel de líder ou administrador de emergencias : Contribuicoes da teoria psicodramática ao controle e prevencao do panico em calamidades.
1375 International search and rescue teams : A League discussion paper.
1386 The Iraq/Kuwait crisis : International assistance to displaced people through Jordan (August-November 1990): Case report.
1439 Guidelines for Red Cross and Red Crescent Social Welfare Work in disasters.
1453 Integracao Projeto Resgate. Projeto Alfa-Famema : Relato de una experiencia.
1454 Should disaster strike... : Health in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction.
1493 The Bolivian disaster surveillance data system.
1495 The volcanic eruption of Mt. Unzen Japan : Tentative report on the facts figures, and how the countermeasures are being taken.
1534 Proceedings.
1576 Reconstruction in the context of recovery : Thoughts on the Alaskan earthquake.
1610 Natural disasters : Linking economics and the environment with a vengeance.
1638 Manual da Comissao Municipal de Defesa Civil.
1639 Subsidios operacionais para funcionamento da Comdec.
1640 Plano de emergencia municipal : Diretrizes para sua elaboraçao.
1642 Coletanea de legislaçao.
1643 Acidentes rodoviarios : Técnicas de resgate.
1687 Busca, salvamento e rescate em medicina ocupacional (o socorro técnico de medicina de seguranca).
1689 Calamidade pública e defesa civil : Legislaçao.
1690 El Salvador : A country profile.
1694 Cruz Roja y Media Luna Roja : Retrato de un movimiento internacional.
1698 Annual Report : 1990.
1715 Emergency preparedness : Reports and reflections of local county emergency managers.
1717 Disasters in Africa : Guidelines for disaster preparedness and response.
1718 Information and training on environmental health management in emergencies.
1719 Definition and monitoring of interventions in areas affected by health emergencies in large populations Eritrea (Ethiopia).
1747 Cariba : Disaster simulation exercise (Hospital Module).
1753 Hazardous materials medical management protocols.
1785 Clinical guidelines : Diagnostic and treatment manual, for curative programs in rural hospitals, dispensaries and refugee camps, for the use of doctors and nurses.
1790 Mental health care for rapidly changing environments : Emergency relief to unaccompanied youths of the 1980 cuban refugge wave.
1791 Proposal for a study of the health hazards of gas emission from Poas volcano, Costa Rica.
1792 Disaster 89.
1793 Support to national and regional emergency systems : Lessons learned from recent disaster including Hurricane Hugo.
1794 Final report.
1796 Projet d'aide humanitaire d'urgence en medicaments et equipments medicaux.
1813 Hospital preparedness for earthquakes.
1817 Objetives for local emergency management.
1826 Calamidades brasileiras : Histórico, atendimento, legislaçao.
1828 Emergency refugee health care : A chronicle of the Khmer refugee-assistance operation : 1979-1980.
1836 Explaining risk to non-experts.
1838 Emergency flood fight manual : A manual of construction and field practices during flood emergencies.
1853 Primeiros socorros.
1854 Higiene e sáude : No ambiente ocupacional.
1855 Counter-disaster planner for principals.
1880 Prioridades do sistéma de saúde por ocasiao de catástrofes e de situaçoes de emergencia.
1881 Planejamento do setor saúde para emergencias e desastres a unidade de emergencia-o hospital-sistema cramp de classificaçao de vítimas.
1956 Women in health and development : A guide to the Five-Year Regional Plan of Action on Women in Health and Development in the Americas.
1980 Defensa Civil.
1988 Emergency plan and instructions for disaster situations.
2011 Working with women in emergency relief and rehabilitation programmes.
2013 Family protection program conference.
2014 Hurricane Gilbert and the IDNDR.
2027 Yugoslavia : An emergency preparedness profile.
2034 What is an emergency.
2035 Effects of disasters on development.
2059 Final report of the Seminar in Technology for Disaster Prevention.
2060 Tsumani emergency operation plan for Valparaiso-Chile.
2061 The education in disasters prevention in Colombia.
2062 Flood disaster countermeasures in Indonesia.
2063 Landslide in Nepal.
2064 Studying earthquakes with technology.
2065 Disaster mitigation system in the Philippines.
2066 Disaster countermeasures in Thailand.
2067 Earthquake, flood and landslide disasters in Turkiye.
2068 Case study of "Carcava San José", landslide mitigation in Venezuela.
2109 Observation - based strong ground motion seismology.
2113 Guerrero strong-motion accelerograph array : New data and results on site effects.
2137 Twenty years and twenty post-trauma clinical lessons : From macro events to micro application.
2148 Public health responses to natural and human - made disasters.
2160 Hurricane Gilbert devastated Caribean medical school.
2206 Environmental management and urban vulnerability.
2209 Metropolitan areas and disaster vulnerability : A consideration for developing countries.
2210 Living with hazards communities adjustment mechanisms in developing countries.
2211 Vulnerability and resiliency : Environmental degradation in major metropolitan areas of developing countries.
2213 Motor vehicle emissions in developing countries : Relative implications for urban air quality.
2215 Issues and trends in emergency preparedness for technological disasters : Moving beyond the "natural" and "technological" labels.
2216 Urnanization and vulnerability in Brazil : The current challenges.
2217 Geology, planing, and geological hazards of coastal cities in Asia and the Pacific.
2221 Disaster training curriculum.
2224 Health aspects of refugees, displaced persons and emergencies.
2237 Simposio Internacional sobre Prevención de Desastres Sísmicos : Volumen de resúmenes.
2245 The incidence of natural disasters in island developing countries.
2246 The economic and social effects of natural disasters in island developing countries.
2247 The nuclear accident at Three Mile Island : Its effect on a local community.
2286 Política Nacional de Defensa Civil.
2305 Glossário de defesa civil, estudos de riscos e medicina de desastres.
2306 Disasters and development : A study in institution-building.
2312 Human settlements and natural disasters.
2367 Damage to urban infraestructure and public property from the Loma Prieta earthquake.
2427 El hospital en la emergencia.
2455 Ruiz Volcano, Colombia : Report of a Mission from 25 September-2 October 1985.
2456 Initial findings from a study of socio-behavioral preparations and planning for acute chemical hazard disasters.
2462 1985 Mexico City earthquake medical and health consequences and response : Preliminary report.
2470 What parents can do to help children cope with feelings.
2477 Efectos de la sensibilización psicosensorial en trabajadores del rescate.
2497 In time of emergency : A citizen's handbook.
2498 Disaster preparedness and management : A course designed for health professionals in Jamaica.
2513 Societal implications : Selected readings.
2551 Physical damage and human loss : The economic impact of earthquake mitigation measures.
2553 A procedure for the seismic evaluation of buildings in the Central and Eastern United States.
2554 Engineering evaluation of permanent ground deformations due to seismically-induced liquefaction.
2573 Disaster mental health planning workshop manual.
2579 Resources compilation for planning and response to a mass casualty incident.
2586 Community handbook on flood warning and preparedness programs.
2601 Seismic resistance of slab - column connections in existing non-ductile flat-plate buildings.
2606 Ecuador : Evaluation of the effects of the 1982/1983 floods on economic and social development.
2607 A simulation method for stationary Gaussian random functions based on the sampling theorem.
2608 Observations on water system and pipeline performance in the Limon area of Costa Rica due to the April 22, 1991 earthquake.
2610 Asian Disaster Preparedness Center : Activity report 1990-1991.
2614 Exercise design workshop : Instructor guide.
2619 Disaster assessment : First draft.
2622 Administracao sanitária nas emergencias aeronáuticas nos aeroportos do Rio de Janeiro (Galeao)-RJ, Sao Paulo (Congonhas)-SP, Guarulhos (Cumbica)-SP, Brasilia-DF : Relatorio. Autor: Guimaraes, Cid. Rio de Janeiro, BR; 24-27 sept. 1984 Formato PDF Contenido   KB Portada   10 Sección 1: Planejamento visando minimizar os efeitos das emergencias aeronáuticas nos aeroportos brasileiros 670 Sección 2: Planos de emergencia aeronautica nos aeroportos internacionais do rio de Janeiro (Galeao), de Sao Paulo (Congonhas), De Guarulhos (Cumbica), em construcao, e Brasília 1059 Sección 3: Centro de investigacao e prevencao de accidentes aeron
2724 When the earthquake hits home : Anchorage in the "Great Alaska Earthquake".
7004 Some latent consequences of bureaucratic efficiency in disaster relief.
7024 OFDA Annual Report fy 1994.
12356 Community Emergency Preparedness: A manual for Managers and Policy-makers
13897 Hospital perfomance in Costa Rica during the 1990 earthquakes.
15294 Rapport national suisse sue la prévention des catastrophes.
15631 Management of dead bodies in disaster situations.
15759 The radiological accident in San Salvador
15784 Local risk management : Ideas and notions relating concept and practice.
15818 Children and their response to disasters : Information for teachers and parents following the tsunami.
15819 The training of forest firefighters in Indonesia.
15820 Tsunami facts for students.
15821 Guiding principles for school based response following disasters.
15822 Hyogo framework for action 2005-2015 : Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters.
15992 Human security in a changing environment : Objectives and purpose of the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security.
15993 Environment and human security : Towards freedom from hazard impacts.
15994 Nothing begets nothing : The creeping disaster of land degradation.